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Owner and Tenant Portal

Property owners and tenants online portals

We know that you want to be able to access your important property information when it’s convenient for you. Our property management online access enables you to log in at your convenience and access your property information. You can view and download copies of current and past statements, invoices and inspection reports whether you are in Adelaide or anywhere around the globe. Perfect for whenever you need any up to date information regarding your property.

We use the most up to date technology on the market for property management in Adelaide to be able to provide our Landlords the most efficient and affordable Property Management Services in Adelaide.

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Changing Agents

Often owners put up with poor service for far too long – because they believe that changing agents is difficult and stressful.

Waiting for things to improve by themselves is not going to help. Waiting for the “last straw” might take you to one more episode of owners’ money wasted.

Misperception number one: There is a lot of extra work for you if you choose to change managers.

Reality: No. You just need to sign a new management agreement. There might be some fine print on your current Management Agreement, but we can certainly make things easier for you. We provide a FREE transfer service ...

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Property management done properly.

Property managers have a unique role in managing investment property - requiring an in-depth knowledge of the Adelaide rental property market, a wide range of skills and the utmost professionalism.

We carry the Terri Scheer Risk management award for property management in Adelaide with a loss ratio of 0% on our managed properties over the last 3 YEARS .

There would be very few Adelaide property management companies that could boast this kind of achievement. We have a specialist leasing team and our property managers have a thorough knowledge of the Adelaide rental property market ensuring you and your property get all the attention you need making us your first choice in Adelaide Property Management.

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