Our 'No Fixed Term' policy

At Adelaide Residential Rentals we have been managing properties for our landlords for over 28 years, our senior managers have 30 years experience and we have put best practice systems and technology in place to ensure the management of your property is handled with the utmost professionalism and focus on service.

We are so confident in how well we can manage your property , that we do not ask any new or current clients to sign any fixed term agreements.

We are specialist property managers and have expert managers looking after our properties through their leasing and management phases.

Most agents will ask you to sign a management agreement for 12 and even 24 months with heavy penalties applying if you decide to change your manager.
The very first question you need to ask is WHY?

What happens to your property if it is not managed properly and you are locked in to poor service , expensive mistakes and no communication from your manager?

Many new landlords who choose to have Adelaide Residential Rentals take over the management of their property portfolio often tell us they could have done a better job themselves and wonder why they were paying any fees at all!

When we take on the management of your property , not only do we give you the first month's management free , our management agreements do not carry any fixed term obligation.

If at any time you are not happy with our service you are free to leave without penalty - no questions asked.

We feel this is the best guarantee of service we can offer . Simply, if we offered this guarantee and didn't back it up with quality service , quality staff and quality systems , we would not be in business today.It's that simple.

The most common complaint we hear from landlords by far is the lack of communication from their existing manager.Emails and phone calls not replied to , maintenance expenses incurred without consultation , properties vacated by tenants without the landlord knowing  and rent falling in arrears with nothing being done about it.

All costing the landlord time and money - exactly the thing the property manager should be preventing!

Good service is not difficult , it just takes good people , good managment and good systems to make sure you are maximising the returns on your investment

If you would like to find out more about the services Adelaide Residential Rentals provides or would just like to put your property management in safe experienced hands , call us today on 08 80404 3111 or email admin@adelaideresidentialrentals.com.au.

*****Even if you think you are locked into an existing contract with your current manager , contact us to discuss how we may be able to help .